Feb 6, Friday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I’m 49; so I think this makes him 53. I will call this weekend and confirm. Fuck we are getting old. I remember being a kid and thinking that the year 2000 could never arrive. It’s 2015 and the world is still here and I’m still here too.

Yesterday was pleasantly routine. Woke up and wrote yesterday’s jottings, learned a little more about this blogging thing, took the dogs for a short walk, quick shower. Also made a new receipt with red cabbage and bratwurst and pulled the guitar out for about 5 minutes then logged on for work.

Because of a ‘late’ meeting I went to the 5:30 session. This was a repeat of the pre-Paleo benchmark workout, Christine. (3 rounds – 500 meter row, 12 body weight deadlifts, 21 box jumps) My pre challenge time was 10:12 at a body weight of 172. Post was 10:04 at 166. I was gunning to beat the 10 minute mark but fell just short.

I’m been writing with Scrivener for a while now and did some Googling to see if there is and easy way to get from text to [WordPress] with some basic formatting and linking and without a lot of drama. To my delight I discovered MarkDown Syntax. There’s a lot of quality advice on the web to many to link, but I should give a shout out to thaddeushunt.com who had an easy to follow notes on both Scrivener and MarkDown, and of course, let us not forget Al Gore.

Thought for Today Going to start writing this with markdown syntax

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 6:00 AM ~8:30 Slept mostly well but did have a little blip in the middle.

* 6:15 AM coffee black
* 9:15 AM Raw Broccoli salad w/avocado & smoked salmon
* 1:45 PM apple.
* 5:15 PM Spring rolls, lettuce, scallion, shrimp bean sprouts, mint, basal wrapped in rice spring roll w peanut sauce and chili sauce.
* 5:45 PM Paleo trail mix (Roasted Coconut, sliced almonds, coco nibs, diced dry dates, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds.)

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    1. mike Post author

      No worries, Being new with learning as the goal, How did you know I linked to your site?


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