Feb 12 Thursday

Shoulder Niggle

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: Houston we have a problem. My left shoulder, posterior deltoid, hasn’t been working right for a while now. I experience pain when I do movements with the bar behind my head. This is interesting because I can do front shoulder work with the bar front shoulder press & jerks without discomfort. But I have some trouble with dips. Bottom line its probably time to start thinking about healing.

Training/Practice:Front squats 4×3 alternating with behind the neck push press also 4×3. Squat 95, 185, 225×2 (to heavy) back off 205, 205. Press 95,95,135,155. Because it was a push press I was able to get the weight through the pain point but dropping it on the way down was a problem.

Thought for Today Weary of winter.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 4:30 AM Good sleep.


* 4:45 AM coffee.
* 8:15 AM smoked salmon loc & avocado, eggplant lamb
* 10:20 AM banana
* 11:20 AM bowl of boiled brussels sprouts
* 12:30 PM few handfuls of almonds
* 3:45 PM 4 crock pot ribs (sweet barbeque sauce) & banana
* 5:35 PM Went out to dinner at Bavette with wife and a couple friends. Together we snacked on many things:
** Foie gras torchon with brioche & clementines
** rabbit rillette with pickled apricots & green olive
** elk sausage with apple cranberry chutney sauerkraut pancakes & horseradish
** Beef carpaccio with parmesan, capers & arugula,
** steak tartare with toast points
** Flourless chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream
** butterscotch pudding with caramel
** vanilla barley pudding with figs & hazelnuts
* 8:45 PM couple crocked pot ribs.

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