Feb 13 Friday

Short Interval

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: We went to dinner last night at Bavette with another couple. Located in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward, Bavette is a small artisan butcher that also serves food. I find the waiter a tad bit awkward, but the food is fresh, simply prepared and easy to share. Last night’s dinner was as relaxing affair where we all put our spoons in the same dish.

Training/Practice: Made it back the the morning row yesterday. It consisted of 10 rounds of 250 meter row on 2 minute intervals. This was short and intense. A Sprint interval training. Kind of like running 400’s around a track. I kept my row around 55 seconds. A little less in the beginning and a second or two more in the end, but I stayed pretty constant throughout

Today Fri 13: drove out Lamphan for a ski. Felt flat only skied a mile and came home. Going to take a nap.

Thought for Today

Sleep: from: 9:30 PM to: 6:30 AM


* 7:15 AM Coffee Black

* 9:00 AM 4 crock-pot ribs

* 9:45 AM banana

* 12:00 PM eggplant lamb, avocado smoked salmon & banana

* 4:30 PM Guinness

* 5:30 PM Dinner Lazy Susan Oysters, grilled romaine salad, rabbit taco, black bean hush puppies and a slice of choice cake. cherry mead

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