Sub-optimal Feb 16 Monday

Today’s Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

Jottings: WTF? Woke up this morning with a stiff neck and slight sore throat. Also, I didn’t sleep soundly. This is not good because the Kortelopet is on Saturday, and I expect sleep quality to diminish as the event gets closer capping off with an epic night of unrest on Friday.

If I look back a couple days. I’ve been sleeping well but if I look back to Friday [Friday Doldrums] I see that my training was flat. This probably should have been a queue.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m thinking about changing up the blog into two posts rather than one. A daily jot to keep me writing something daily, and a separate training, sleep and food journal on a separate post. While the purpose of is to learn and develop new habits, this would probably make this more consumer friendly and in the end I’d like to produce a professional product. That said I should learn about uploading images.

Training/Practice: Sunday: Five, three minute rounds with 3 minute rest. 500 meter row, remainder of time weighted step up RX was 24 inch box 53 pound kettle bell in each hand. I had to drop the box to 20 inches and 44 pound kettle bells. Ended up getting 8 step ups each round.

Next was Cindy. This is 50,40,30,20,10 double unders/ab mat sit up. I set a new personal best 9:00 minutes flat. Yea, me. The extra work I’ve been doing on double unders is starting to pay off. I’m able to get between 20 & 40 most of the time. The ab mat sit-ups are great. Could perform better see yesterday post.

Sleep: from: 9:30 PM to: 6:45 AM. Didn’t sleep well.

Food: last meal yesterday 6:15 PM
* 7:00 AM coffee black
* 10:30 AM tomato cabbage w/venison & lamb meatballs
* 12:45 PM snacked on 4 carrots
* 1:50 PM raw broccoli salad (w/sunflower seeds, dried cranberries red onion)
* 4:45 PM slice spinach frittata, small piece of smoked salmon, roasted brussels sprouts & a little cabbage.
* 5:30 PM chicken thigh
* 6:00 PM nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate

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