Insomniac, Feb 17 2012 Tuesday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

JottingsSnip20150218_1: I slept poorly for a second day.  No training yesterday because I was stiff, slept poorly and had a slight sore throat. I felt like I did everything right to set myself up for good sleep, by relaxing in the tub before bed. Wrong.

Since the Kortelopet is this Saturday, I training schedule was going to be wonky. Originally I was going to train Monday & Tuesday and take the rest of the week off. Now I need do decide if Tues., Wed. Then off. I guess I’ll be playing it by ear.

I watched Generation Iron last night. What can I say? I’ve been lifting since on and off since high school. Sometimes I stray, but I always seem to make my way back to a gym.

Today’s professional bodybuilders are freaks. That said, while I don’t like the physiques, I admire the single-mindedness that it takes to achieve them. A take-away that applies to me: In order to achieve at a high level requires, single-mindedness, motivation and drive but it also takes a little selfishness, self-doubt and fear.

Training/Practice: None

Sleep: from: 9:00 PM to: 6:00 AM crappy

* 6:30 AM Coffee
* 8:25 AM spinach frittata
* 9:30 AM tomato cabbage and meatballs
* 12:00 PM oven dried tomatoes, smoked salmon & brussels spouts
* 3:00 PM skinless chicken thigh
* 6:30 PM PM raw broccoli salad (w/sunflower seeds, dried cranberries red onion), couple pickled carrot slices with beef & nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate

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