Ski or Not

Ski or Not?

Feb 18 2015 Wednesday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

Jottings: Made it back to the gym and trained yesterday. I’m still not feeling 100% and need to make the Korte call soon. Tonight I will need to waxing the skis and gather up my gear. High temperature in Hayward for Saturday appears to be a favorable 17 degrees and overcast, so the snow should hold up well.

I’m honestly not very jazzed about this. I’m interested in the spectacle, but not so hot for the actual skiing part. This is probably because I’m horrible under prepared. I started out the season only casually interested in learning more about this sport, and I would say my skills are weak.

Training/Practice: 4:30 PM Power Cleans/Power Jerk on 7 by 1 minute intervals. Few warm up 95,95,135,135,155,155,175,175,185,175,175 Pressed out 185 so I backed off.

WOD: 14 minutes: 60 cal row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wall balls (20), 30 power cleans (135) 20 muscle up (No danger of getting here) Got 172 or through 22 power cleans.

Thought for Today

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 5:45 AM Much better sleep last night.

6:00 AM coffee
8:45 AM toasted eggplant & chicken. & nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate
12:45 PM Tomato cabbage w/meatballs
2:45 PM nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate
6:30 PM raw broccoli salad with grilled tuna. 1/2 chocolate chip & 1/2 snickerdoodle cookie

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