Feb 9 Monday

Supple Break

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: Starting off today with a little TMI. Last night I had the elusive night-time poop. Seldom, are these creatures nocturnal. The likely explanation, I did the cooking for the week yesterday which means I did a little munching all day too.

I find weekdays are easier to stay in the routine. More scheduled eating makes it much easier to control the pie hole. But then again less routine is a nice feature of the weekends.

This week, I’m going supplement free and give things short reset. I typically start my morning with a little creatine & glutamine. Other than that, I take some fish oil, D3, magnesium, a B complex with meals. Lately, I’ve been taking some probiotics. This is only because I was on a course of antibiotics. I believe that it’s important to mix things up a little, besides I have a lot of good veggies in the fridge waiting.

Training/Practice: Yesterday’s ‘CrossFit Endurance’ consisted of rope climbs and double-unders. Single quoting this because it’s really not what I consider a true endurance workout, but rather a longer interval.

I focused more on the double-unders for a couple reasons. First because I’ve got a good climb and second because the open is coming up, and frankly my double-unders suck. It’s unlikely that climbs will be part of an open workout but double-unders will most likely sneak in somewhere.

After the ten rounds 1:30 with 30 second rest, I did a 1500 meter row followed by three 500 meter rows with a short break between each. I didn’t break any speed records for sure. I just got through the row.

Next up, some stretching and handstand work. I worked a little on splits; one handed handstand holds, and a couple single straight arm static holds before moving back to stretching.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 5:30 AM Sound sleep for half the night.

* 5:45 AM coffee black
* 9:30 AM Spicy cauliflower chicken
* 1:00 PM Paprika tomato cabbage, spinach frittata, 1 dry rub baby back rib & some nut trail mix
* 2:30 PM Jerk chicken thigh & banana
* 6:30 PM green salad with lots of chopped veg & brisket. Slice of spinach frittata & blackberries

Feb 8 Sunday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Yesterday was a total rest day. I lounged around until around noon writing and putzing with the blog before really doing any movement.

When movement finally happened, not that movement it consisted of a the normal routine walk with both dogs. After the shorter loop, I stopped back by the house dropped the older one off, donned on a 20 pound weight vest and went back out with Bodie for a few miles. My Fitbit read over 13,000 steps by day’s end.

I’ve been using Fitbit for using for the last several months. It started much longer ago with a flex that I quickly stopped using. I jumped back in with the Zip after the company I work for started using Virgin Pulse as part of its wellness program. I like the Zip better and just slip it in my pocket in the morning.

Rewind a second, ‘Virgin Pulse’ really? Yes, my inner Beavis & Butthead went straight some porn naming scenario. Virgin Pulse is one of [Richard Branson’s]. I became a Branson fan after listening to Screw It Let’s Do It on Audible. My zip automatically syncs up to VP. I don’t log on often, but I do check out steps on the dashboard. For now, I’m hooked; it’s fun to see the steps accumulate.

I’ve just created a Fitbit group: My Daily Run, A movement metaphor. Join it.

Thought for Today Movement. Even on recovery days it’s important to move some.

Sleep: from: 9:00 PM to: 5:30 AM After a shaky start I slept soundly throughout the night.

* 6:30 AM coffee black.
* 9:00 AM Banana and a few spoonfuls of coleslaw
* 1:00 PM Red Cabbage/Brat
* 2:00 PM snacked on a couple ribs and a few bits of spicy cauliflower chicken.
* 3:30 PM a rib. (I’m cooking all day for the week so I’m also snacking)
* 5:00 PM smoked salmon lox
* 6:00 PM couple jerk chicken thighs, spinach frittata banana
* 7:30 PM made some trail nut mix someone had the munchies

Feb 7, Saturday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Some mornings I feel like a crinkled up piece of paper being flattened back out. This morning is one to those. I didn’t get the soundest sleep, which I think for me means I need a training break, but resting is hard especially on the weekend.

Weekends are the time when endurance guy clashes with weight lifting guy. Typically endurance folks go long on the weekends and recovery a bit during the week. Weight lifting guy goes heavy on Monday. These two things are diametrically opposed.

No CrossFit Yesterday; I went cross country skiing instead. The Kortelopet 23K is just a few weeks away now. Feb 21st. I signed up for this on a whim because I wanted to learn to ski, and bonus, I get new to buy new toys & learn new skills.

With a short break in the middle, I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 10 plus years, yet I hadn’t embraced cross country skiing. I’m still in the ‘fake it until you make it’ period, and I fear that it may be a couple seasons before I finally hit ‘make it’. Since this is my first season skate skiing, the goal is first survival and secondly to enjoy the experience. Who know Skate skiing could be so taxing; I’m horribly undertrained for this one and have poor technique.

Picture a bike race where everyone’s racing around on fancy road bikes. Then picture me. I’m that guy on the mountain with under inflated tires struggling to keep up. Yesterday I skied Lamphan Peak about 6.4 miles in about 1:15. I stayed on the greens and blue trails.

After skiing, I took Emma and Bodie for a short walk. Then Bodie, the puppy, and I went back our for another 2.5 mile trudge on the trails and through the snow.

Thought for Today I got nothing.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 7:00 AM. Not totally great sleep and I had a wake up period but thankfully I was able to sleep in a little this morning.

* 10:30 AM Red onion cabbage and a brat, spaghetti squash, some ginger eggplant and a couple boiled shrimp & a couple handfuls of Nut trail mix.
* 10:45 AM Finished up the trail mix. (God damn trigger food)
* 3:30 PM Raw Broccoli salad with smoked salmon.
* 5:45 PM Juice from a coconut & banana snacked on raw coconut
* 7:00 PM Paprika tomato cabbage.
* 8:00 PM chopped up some brisket with some oven dried tomatoes
* 8:15 PM Snack of coco nibs slivered almonds and dried dates

I seem to have had a case of the evening munchies yesterday.

Feb 6, Friday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I’m 49; so I think this makes him 53. I will call this weekend and confirm. Fuck we are getting old. I remember being a kid and thinking that the year 2000 could never arrive. It’s 2015 and the world is still here and I’m still here too.

Yesterday was pleasantly routine. Woke up and wrote yesterday’s jottings, learned a little more about this blogging thing, took the dogs for a short walk, quick shower. Also made a new receipt with red cabbage and bratwurst and pulled the guitar out for about 5 minutes then logged on for work.

Because of a ‘late’ meeting I went to the 5:30 session. This was a repeat of the pre-Paleo benchmark workout, Christine. (3 rounds – 500 meter row, 12 body weight deadlifts, 21 box jumps) My pre challenge time was 10:12 at a body weight of 172. Post was 10:04 at 166. I was gunning to beat the 10 minute mark but fell just short.

I’m been writing with Scrivener for a while now and did some Googling to see if there is and easy way to get from text to [WordPress] with some basic formatting and linking and without a lot of drama. To my delight I discovered MarkDown Syntax. There’s a lot of quality advice on the web to many to link, but I should give a shout out to thaddeushunt.com who had an easy to follow notes on both Scrivener and MarkDown, and of course, let us not forget Al Gore.

Thought for Today Going to start writing this with markdown syntax

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 6:00 AM ~8:30 Slept mostly well but did have a little blip in the middle.

* 6:15 AM coffee black
* 9:15 AM Raw Broccoli salad w/avocado & smoked salmon
* 1:45 PM apple.
* 5:15 PM Spring rolls, lettuce, scallion, shrimp bean sprouts, mint, basal wrapped in rice spring roll w peanut sauce and chili sauce.
* 5:45 PM Paleo trail mix (Roasted Coconut, sliced almonds, coco nibs, diced dry dates, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds.)

Take 1 Pickles Hot, Spicy & Sweet



I call these Take 1 Pickles because I expect folks to tinker with the ingredients suiting individual taste. This is not rocket science. Essentially one needs vinegar, salt, sugar to pickle something, the rest of the ingredients are just flavor decorations. Why small batches? Cause who wants 5 gallons of the same food. Seems boring, so unless you have a garden full of cucumbers, why make a bunch of pickles at once? Small batch refrigerator pickling is quick, easy, lets you experiment more and most importantly if you don’t like the outcome you won’t feel guilty about tossing then into the trash. Sure it doesn’t take much longer to make buckets of these things but really. How many fucking pickles do you need at one time?


◦ 6 mini cucumbers (sliced about 3/16 inch)
◦ 1 ¼ cup white vinegar
◦ ¾ cup apple cider vinegar
◦ 3 cloves garlic (chopped)
◦ 2 whole cloves
◦ ½ tsp. dried dill
◦ 2 tsp. cayenne pepper
◦ ¼ tsp. turmeric
◦ 1 ½ tsp. yellow mustard seed
◦ 1/8 cup kosher salt
◦ ½ cup sugar


2 pint mason jars and lids, Small sauce pan


Slice up the mini cucumbers in to slices pack into mason jars and set aside. Now place all ingredients into the saucepan and bring ingredients to a boil and let simmer for a few minutes making sure all the dry ingredients are dissolved.

Pour the hot brine over into the mason jars. For ease of filling the mason jars, I first pour the hot ingredients into a large measuring bowl or pitcher. Carefully pour the brine into the jars. Try get about the same amount of mustard seed and chopped into each jar. Do this by pouring a little in each jar as you go. FYI, the mustard seed float and the garlic sinks.

Place the lids loosely on the jars and let them sit on the counter until they reach room temperature. After this refrigerate. These are Refrigerator pickles and should live there. I’d wait a day or so before chomping. Pickles should last a couple months.

Feb 5, Thursday

Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Yesterday was the last day of our Paleo challenge. I think I missed two days. One because of alcohol. (A mistake that I hope not to make again) and the other was Super Bowl where I ate some brownies, and we made some flat doughy buns for brisket.

Yesterday’s training session consisted of clean & jerk practice. After listening to Tim Ferriss on Barbell Shrugged, I’m going to start framing the olympic lift sessions as ‘practice’ in hopes that my ego does not push me into poor form. One can hope.

After a couple lighter lifts, 95, 135, 155, Paul and I moved to 175 for the remaining 6 attempts consisting of a clean, front squat, jerk. At 49, this weight is heavy enough to let me know that there’s something on my shoulders. Further, I’ve not had a good jerk in a while. My drive sucks, so I don’t get a lot of pop in the bar. Also I rush to stand because my split is not solid. Ironically by the last lift and most fatigued, I had the best jerk. (Small win)

The WOD was designed to not finish. It was challenging 10 minutes AMRAP 50 double-unders, 40 toes to bar, 30 bar facing burpees, 20 clean/jerks 165. I got through 6 jerks.

I think that I may finally be turning the corner on this chest thing. Still a bit of a cough and some lung cookies but it’s much looser.

Thought for Today: Small Wins

Sleep: from: 8:45 PM to: 6:00 AM. 9:15 hours of pretty good sleep

* 12:20 PM Red onion cabbage & 1/2 brat. Spicy ginger eggplant & chicken
* 2:30 PM Raw Kale salad with permission, pomegranate, orange red onion in a vinaigrette

* 5:00 PM Banana
* 7:30 PM Red onion cabbage and a brat, spaghetti squash

Since the Paleo challenge is over, not sure about the food journal. Might continue for a while. Of course, the plan is to continue eating well. We mostly eat real food. Reality check: most feel that they eat healthily and are over worked and under paid. I’m no exception.

Feb 4 Wednesday

Date: Feb 4 Wednesday

Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Yesterday Notes: Day off from training yesterday. Worked on blog post. This writing thing is still very slow. I am building the habit of daily writing. At least something. After logging off from work I used the balance board listened to a podcast and began to learn the cord E on the guitar. When I pulled it out of the case I was dismayed at how much I could have played had I just spend a few minutes each day strumming something. I am going to make it a point to get a couple days of practice in, and slowly build some guitar fucking momentum.

Thought for Today

When was the last time some said I’m eating to many vegetables? I must eat less veggies. Vegetables are killing me.

Sleep: from: 8:15 to: 5:30 AM 9.25 hours deep sleep. No temperature regulation issues. The wife said that I snored.

* 5:45 AM coffee Black
* 9:30 AM small piece of spinach egg frittata
* 9:45 AM Large bowl of boiled brussels sprouts
* 12:00 PM Broccoli salad w/avocado & smoked salmon
* 6:30 PM tuna in a green salad w/lots chopped veggies and a avocado basal olive oil dressing. Strawberries for dessert & Banana

Feb 3 Monday

Date: Feb 3 Monday

Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Yesterday a good squat 135, 185, 225 – 275 x 4 x 3 Press: 95,115,135,135. Then 102 burps in 7 minutes. 3 years ago I did 107 in the games 12.1 work-out. Not bad considering I’ve had/have a chest things going out.

I ate well. Probably could have had a little less after training,

Speaking of which I’m not sure the antibiotics did the trick. Last night I had the night sweats/shivers. Soaked the sheets through. Going to give it another week. May end up back at the doctors. This is beginning to get old.

Sleep: from: 8:00 PM to: 4:30 AM Laid in bed shivering until the alarm went off at 5:00 AM. (Although I did sleep pretty well for most of the night.

5:30 Coffee black.
10:30 AM Broccoli salad w/avocado & smoked salmon
12:45 PM spinach egg frittata & banana
3:00 PM kale salad with persimmon, pomegranate red onion orange slice
5:00 PM brisket & oven dried tomatoes, spinach egg frittata
6:00 PM a few raw carrots

Feb 2, Monday

Date: Feb 2, Monday

Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Yesterday was mostly about snow removal. Cleared the snow twice and took Bodie for a short cross country ski. This morning it looks like another foot blew into driveway. Last day for antibiotics. Hoping the cough goes away soon. Else maybe I really do have TB. That would be just great. Meaning that I would have exposed the entire gym to it.

After 2 days of poor eating it is time to get things back on track. Still feeling riddled with guilt. I am none of what I aspire to. I think that every person does things that he or she is not proud of in ones life. I’m going to be using this as a course correction and double down.

Thought for Today

Sleep: I slept well 9pm – 6am

6:00 AM Coffee
11:40 AM raw kale salad with fruit, sunflower seeds, red onion
1:30 PM a little spaghetti squash and spicy cauliflower chicken
6:15 PM Chicken and eggplant, spinach egg frittata, a little brisket & oven roasted tomatoes, banana

Feb 1, Sunday

Date: Feb 1, Sunday

Well January is end the books. Ended it yesterday with a totally unproductive day. Hung over, I mostly did nothing and felt horrible doing it. My behavior on Friday night is as far from who I envision myself to be as possible.

Drinking maked me an asshole. So today I will not drink. With the exception of Friday I went the all of Jan without a drink. I am ashamed, and taking it one day at at time I will go Feb without a drink.

Thought for Today
Snow/ snow removal.

Sleep: Slept well. To bed around 9 up at 7:30.


10:00 AM Smoked salmon & oven dried tomatoes
11:30 AM Pear
12:30 PM Spicy cauliflower/chicken couple Brownies
3:00 PM Spicy cauliflower/chicken couple Brownies
5:00-800 PM brisket in a momo fuko bun (wheat) with pickled cucumbers & brownies.