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Weigh and Measure

Weigh and Measure Feb 15 2015, Sunday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

I’m changing the mantra link today. I came across this post after listening to an episode of the Wodcast Podcast. It’s short and concise. Sure, maybe it reads a bit like a Nike commercial, but it is a good reminder to live and breathe in the present.

I weighed in at 166.8 this morning. Big deal? It’s beginning to be. I need to make weight for reduced health insurance. My BMI needs to be below obese to qualify.

Rant! sorry

I agree there needs to be more personal accountability for one’s health. Insurance is loosely based on a rule that the majority of premiums collected pay for a small minority that need services. However, today the CDC reports that nearly 35% of Americans are obese. Obesity contributes to many preventable diseases that utilize a greater percentage of health care. Study after statistic after disease after study supports this.

So it appears that we are nearing a tipping point in which the shrinking majority can no longer support the rising minority. Bluntly speaking, our boat taking on water faster than we can bail.

So while not a perfect solution, why not give the carrot stick approach a try. If I go restaurant and order more food, I get to eat more, and I pay more. No one blinks an eye. I’ve simply paid for more resources. Some employers are now applying this approach to employees by charging less for populations that statistically utilized less. For most, it’s smoking and obesity aka lifestyle choices.

Finally, a reward for making better decisions. Stage left: Enter BMI.

BMI = weight in pounds * 703 / Height (inches) squared

Not perfect for sure, challenging for the muscular athletic types, but it’s a start. While I have not looked, I believe the current line companies are drawing in the sand is at obese not over-weight level. This certainly gives most humans plenty of wiggle room. Me included.

What about the super lean athlete walking around with 7% body-fat who’s BMI reads obese guy or gal? If this is you, you’ll probably have a couple extra hoops to jump through; they will surely suck, but there will be a great story to tell.

Remember, no line is perfect, but until we start drawing some, we won’t change.

Who knows, perhaps this will spur a blog post or a new cottage industry that help people ‘cut’ weight like fighters.

End Rant

For me, BMI is a perfectly good barometer. I keep an eye on it, but I don’t get hung up on the labels assigned to each category. Except for the red one, that is.

I typically vacillate somewhere in the middle of the overweight category. For BMI aficionados, that would be the 26 to 28 range. For me, when the BMI scale reads just slightly ‘under obese’, it’s usually time to start thinking about corking the pie hole. In fact just a couple months ago December 15 to be exact, I plumped up to 174.5 which by BMI standards is obese. At that weight, I’m strong and still capable of performing well, but admittedly, I begin to feel a little sluggish.

This morning: (166.8 * 703) / (64.5 * 64.5) = 28.2

Umm yea, that right 64.5. Hey, when you’re short every half an inch counts.

At my height, here are some other weight tables that I keep an eye on:
* Bodybuilding: bantam 143, light (154) welter (165)
* Weightlifting: 123, 151, 169

* Power Lifting: 145, 163, 183

I’ve completed an Ironman Triathlon at 154 and 163 pounds. Go figure my 154 pound time was 12:26 while the other was 13 hours.

Based on my height, my current weight and age I would guesstimate my competitive weights to be a 143, 151 and 163 respectively. Keep in mind, I don’t formally compete in these sports. Also, you’ll notice my current weight is greater than what I feel would be my optimal competition weight.

What does this say about my current situation? I could be lighter.

Training/Practice: Did the Saturday morning partner workout yesterday. It turned out to be rather challenging. 4 rounds of 50 swings at 53 lbs, 50 burpees, 50 wall balls. Every minute 5 air squats. My partner and I partitioned in tens, 5 for the burpees. I think it took us over 30 minutes so we did a fair amount of air squats too.

I followed up with some double under practice. I did 41 and 35 before sucking again. I will say that I’m getting much better at them

Sleep: from: 9:00 AM to: 7:15 AM another great night of sleep

* 7:30 AM Coffee Black.
* 9:20 AM raw broccoli salad
* 12:00 PM cauliflower dressed with garlic oil, peppers and toasted almonds & a skinless baked chicken thigh.
* 4:30 PM Fat Tire beer
* 5:30 PM Green salad with duck, blue cheese, fruit, pumpkin seeds avocado with a ginger vinaigrette
* 6:15 PM instant oatmeal cookie. Oats, brown sugar flour butter mixed up and nuked for a few minutes.