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Feb 9 Monday

Supple Break

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: Starting off today with a little TMI. Last night I had the elusive night-time poop. Seldom, are these creatures nocturnal. The likely explanation, I did the cooking for the week yesterday which means I did a little munching all day too.

I find weekdays are easier to stay in the routine. More scheduled eating makes it much easier to control the pie hole. But then again less routine is a nice feature of the weekends.

This week, I’m going supplement free and give things short reset. I typically start my morning with a little creatine & glutamine. Other than that, I take some fish oil, D3, magnesium, a B complex with meals. Lately, I’ve been taking some probiotics. This is only because I was on a course of antibiotics. I believe that it’s important to mix things up a little, besides I have a lot of good veggies in the fridge waiting.

Training/Practice: Yesterday’s ‘CrossFit Endurance’ consisted of rope climbs and double-unders. Single quoting this because it’s really not what I consider a true endurance workout, but rather a longer interval.

I focused more on the double-unders for a couple reasons. First because I’ve got a good climb and second because the open is coming up, and frankly my double-unders suck. It’s unlikely that climbs will be part of an open workout but double-unders will most likely sneak in somewhere.

After the ten rounds 1:30 with 30 second rest, I did a 1500 meter row followed by three 500 meter rows with a short break between each. I didn’t break any speed records for sure. I just got through the row.

Next up, some stretching and handstand work. I worked a little on splits; one handed handstand holds, and a couple single straight arm static holds before moving back to stretching.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 5:30 AM Sound sleep for half the night.

* 5:45 AM coffee black
* 9:30 AM Spicy cauliflower chicken
* 1:00 PM Paprika tomato cabbage, spinach frittata, 1 dry rub baby back rib & some nut trail mix
* 2:30 PM Jerk chicken thigh & banana
* 6:30 PM green salad with lots of chopped veg & brisket. Slice of spinach frittata & blackberries