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Feb 10 Tuesday

Fitness 401K

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: After yesterday’s big chipper, I was super fatigued and thought to myself why? Why was I killing myself? What am I chasing? After a restless night of sleep that I can only attribute to overzealous training, I woke up a little stiff but not too sore, yet. I’m expecting soreness later this afternoon lasting into tomorrow.

This morning while typing I realize my why. Fun first then fear. It’s fun keeping up and sometimes outperforming men half my age. I wonder where their fathers are. I picture them sitting on a couch unable to move much and fear that life. I’m afraid that when I finally find the elusive thing that I’m truly passionate about that I won’t be able to enjoy it because of a rotted body.

I like to think of it this way. Most of us put a little money into a 401K or some other retirement plan in hopes that we can retire, but what good is that if you’re unable to move. I keep a fitness 401K on the side and deposit a little weekly training into it.

Training/Practice: Monday have been heavier squats. Worked up to 275×3 2 sets after 135,185,225,245. The met com was very challenging 20 minute AMRAP 25 reps of 53 lb kettle bell swings, Hang squat snatch 95, 25 wall balls & 25 burpee box jumps. I got through the snatch twice + about 7 wall balls.

Thought for Today

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 6:45 AM.

* 6:45 AM coffee
* 9:15 AM Eggplant lamb, spinach frittata & jerk chicken thigh, banana, almonds dates and coco nibs
* 1:30 PM 2 ribs
* 5:30 PM scallops, broccoli in a dijon mustard sauce with various other veg chopped up.
* 6:00 PM couple handfuls of almonds
* 6:47 PM Piece of jerk chicken.
* 7:15 PM snack almonds, coco nibs & honey