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Feb 10 Tuesday

Fitness 401K

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: After yesterday’s big chipper, I was super fatigued and thought to myself why? Why was I killing myself? What am I chasing? After a restless night of sleep that I can only attribute to overzealous training, I woke up a little stiff but not too sore, yet. I’m expecting soreness later this afternoon lasting into tomorrow.

This morning while typing I realize my why. Fun first then fear. It’s fun keeping up and sometimes outperforming men half my age. I wonder where their fathers are. I picture them sitting on a couch unable to move much and fear that life. I’m afraid that when I finally find the elusive thing that I’m truly passionate about that I won’t be able to enjoy it because of a rotted body.

I like to think of it this way. Most of us put a little money into a 401K or some other retirement plan in hopes that we can retire, but what good is that if you’re unable to move. I keep a fitness 401K on the side and deposit a little weekly training into it.

Training/Practice: Monday have been heavier squats. Worked up to 275×3 2 sets after 135,185,225,245. The met com was very challenging 20 minute AMRAP 25 reps of 53 lb kettle bell swings, Hang squat snatch 95, 25 wall balls & 25 burpee box jumps. I got through the snatch twice + about 7 wall balls.

Thought for Today

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 6:45 AM.

* 6:45 AM coffee
* 9:15 AM Eggplant lamb, spinach frittata & jerk chicken thigh, banana, almonds dates and coco nibs
* 1:30 PM 2 ribs
* 5:30 PM scallops, broccoli in a dijon mustard sauce with various other veg chopped up.
* 6:00 PM couple handfuls of almonds
* 6:47 PM Piece of jerk chicken.
* 7:15 PM snack almonds, coco nibs & honey

Feb 8 Sunday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Yesterday was a total rest day. I lounged around until around noon writing and putzing with the blog before really doing any movement.

When movement finally happened, not that movement it consisted of a the normal routine walk with both dogs. After the shorter loop, I stopped back by the house dropped the older one off, donned on a 20 pound weight vest and went back out with Bodie for a few miles. My Fitbit read over 13,000 steps by day’s end.

I’ve been using Fitbit for using for the last several months. It started much longer ago with a flex that I quickly stopped using. I jumped back in with the Zip after the company I work for started using Virgin Pulse as part of its wellness program. I like the Zip better and just slip it in my pocket in the morning.

Rewind a second, ‘Virgin Pulse’ really? Yes, my inner Beavis & Butthead went straight some porn naming scenario. Virgin Pulse is one of [Richard Branson’s]. I became a Branson fan after listening to Screw It Let’s Do It on Audible. My zip automatically syncs up to VP. I don’t log on often, but I do check out steps on the dashboard. For now, I’m hooked; it’s fun to see the steps accumulate.

I’ve just created a Fitbit group: My Daily Run, A movement metaphor. Join it.

Thought for Today Movement. Even on recovery days it’s important to move some.

Sleep: from: 9:00 PM to: 5:30 AM After a shaky start I slept soundly throughout the night.

* 6:30 AM coffee black.
* 9:00 AM Banana and a few spoonfuls of coleslaw
* 1:00 PM Red Cabbage/Brat
* 2:00 PM snacked on a couple ribs and a few bits of spicy cauliflower chicken.
* 3:30 PM a rib. (I’m cooking all day for the week so I’m also snacking)
* 5:00 PM smoked salmon lox
* 6:00 PM couple jerk chicken thighs, spinach frittata banana
* 7:30 PM made some trail nut mix someone had the munchies

Feb 7, Saturday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Some mornings I feel like a crinkled up piece of paper being flattened back out. This morning is one to those. I didn’t get the soundest sleep, which I think for me means I need a training break, but resting is hard especially on the weekend.

Weekends are the time when endurance guy clashes with weight lifting guy. Typically endurance folks go long on the weekends and recovery a bit during the week. Weight lifting guy goes heavy on Monday. These two things are diametrically opposed.

No CrossFit Yesterday; I went cross country skiing instead. The Kortelopet 23K is just a few weeks away now. Feb 21st. I signed up for this on a whim because I wanted to learn to ski, and bonus, I get new to buy new toys & learn new skills.

With a short break in the middle, I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 10 plus years, yet I hadn’t embraced cross country skiing. I’m still in the ‘fake it until you make it’ period, and I fear that it may be a couple seasons before I finally hit ‘make it’. Since this is my first season skate skiing, the goal is first survival and secondly to enjoy the experience. Who know Skate skiing could be so taxing; I’m horribly undertrained for this one and have poor technique.

Picture a bike race where everyone’s racing around on fancy road bikes. Then picture me. I’m that guy on the mountain with under inflated tires struggling to keep up. Yesterday I skied Lamphan Peak about 6.4 miles in about 1:15. I stayed on the greens and blue trails.

After skiing, I took Emma and Bodie for a short walk. Then Bodie, the puppy, and I went back our for another 2.5 mile trudge on the trails and through the snow.

Thought for Today I got nothing.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 7:00 AM. Not totally great sleep and I had a wake up period but thankfully I was able to sleep in a little this morning.

* 10:30 AM Red onion cabbage and a brat, spaghetti squash, some ginger eggplant and a couple boiled shrimp & a couple handfuls of Nut trail mix.
* 10:45 AM Finished up the trail mix. (God damn trigger food)
* 3:30 PM Raw Broccoli salad with smoked salmon.
* 5:45 PM Juice from a coconut & banana snacked on raw coconut
* 7:00 PM Paprika tomato cabbage.
* 8:00 PM chopped up some brisket with some oven dried tomatoes
* 8:15 PM Snack of coco nibs slivered almonds and dried dates

I seem to have had a case of the evening munchies yesterday.