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Feb 7, Saturday

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Notes: Some mornings I feel like a crinkled up piece of paper being flattened back out. This morning is one to those. I didn’t get the soundest sleep, which I think for me means I need a training break, but resting is hard especially on the weekend.

Weekends are the time when endurance guy clashes with weight lifting guy. Typically endurance folks go long on the weekends and recovery a bit during the week. Weight lifting guy goes heavy on Monday. These two things are diametrically opposed.

No CrossFit Yesterday; I went cross country skiing instead. The Kortelopet 23K is just a few weeks away now. Feb 21st. I signed up for this on a whim because I wanted to learn to ski, and bonus, I get new to buy new toys & learn new skills.

With a short break in the middle, I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 10 plus years, yet I hadn’t embraced cross country skiing. I’m still in the ‘fake it until you make it’ period, and I fear that it may be a couple seasons before I finally hit ‘make it’. Since this is my first season skate skiing, the goal is first survival and secondly to enjoy the experience. Who know Skate skiing could be so taxing; I’m horribly undertrained for this one and have poor technique.

Picture a bike race where everyone’s racing around on fancy road bikes. Then picture me. I’m that guy on the mountain with under inflated tires struggling to keep up. Yesterday I skied Lamphan Peak about 6.4 miles in about 1:15. I stayed on the greens and blue trails.

After skiing, I took Emma and Bodie for a short walk. Then Bodie, the puppy, and I went back our for another 2.5 mile trudge on the trails and through the snow.

Thought for Today I got nothing.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 7:00 AM. Not totally great sleep and I had a wake up period but thankfully I was able to sleep in a little this morning.

* 10:30 AM Red onion cabbage and a brat, spaghetti squash, some ginger eggplant and a couple boiled shrimp & a couple handfuls of Nut trail mix.
* 10:45 AM Finished up the trail mix. (God damn trigger food)
* 3:30 PM Raw Broccoli salad with smoked salmon.
* 5:45 PM Juice from a coconut & banana snacked on raw coconut
* 7:00 PM Paprika tomato cabbage.
* 8:00 PM chopped up some brisket with some oven dried tomatoes
* 8:15 PM Snack of coco nibs slivered almonds and dried dates

I seem to have had a case of the evening munchies yesterday.