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Expectationless, Feb 19, 2015 Thursday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

Jottings:It’s a go for the Kortelopet!. The slight nagging cold seems to have become a non issue, so I really can’t think of any reason to not.

I’m not a proficient skier. I haven’t put in much work; the longest I’ve skate skied is 11.3 miles. I have have zero expectations for the Korte. I’m going in blind nello with absolutely no tricks up my sleeve.

But you have start somewhere. I started this journey on a whim with a simple thought. I want to learn how to skate ski. So I signed up for the Korte last summer to serve as both my carrot and stick. Right now, it seems more like a stick, but once it’s done it will be a sweet tasty carrot.

I’m certain that my inaugural will be nothing short of spectacular. In North America this is the New York or Boston Marathon of skiing, and I get to be a part of it. How many get to say that in a life time?

Training/Practice: Clean from squat jerk 7 rounds on 90 sec intervals warm up 105,105,165,165,165,165,165,165,175. Maintained good form

WOD: 4 rounds 3 mins 1 min rest: 10 overhead squat 95, 20 push-ups, max effort wall balls. Score total wall balls: 29,27,20,20 = 96

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 6:15 AM Not the best.

* 6:30 AM Coffee
* 7:40 AM couple slices a salami
* 10:15 AM tomato cabbage & meatballs
* 12:00 PM Snack on salami
* 12:45 PM snack on nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate
* 3:00 PM Chicken thighs and raw broccoli salad
* 6:45 PM Couple more chicken thighs raw broccoli salad & trail mix

Ski or Not

Ski or Not?

Feb 18 2015 Wednesday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

Jottings: Made it back to the gym and trained yesterday. I’m still not feeling 100% and need to make the Korte call soon. Tonight I will need to waxing the skis and gather up my gear. High temperature in Hayward for Saturday appears to be a favorable 17 degrees and overcast, so the snow should hold up well.

I’m honestly not very jazzed about this. I’m interested in the spectacle, but not so hot for the actual skiing part. This is probably because I’m horrible under prepared. I started out the season only casually interested in learning more about this sport, and I would say my skills are weak.

Training/Practice: 4:30 PM Power Cleans/Power Jerk on 7 by 1 minute intervals. Few warm up 95,95,135,135,155,155,175,175,185,175,175 Pressed out 185 so I backed off.

WOD: 14 minutes: 60 cal row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wall balls (20), 30 power cleans (135) 20 muscle up (No danger of getting here) Got 172 or through 22 power cleans.

Thought for Today

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 5:45 AM Much better sleep last night.

6:00 AM coffee
8:45 AM toasted eggplant & chicken. & nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate
12:45 PM Tomato cabbage w/meatballs
2:45 PM nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate
6:30 PM raw broccoli salad with grilled tuna. 1/2 chocolate chip & 1/2 snickerdoodle cookie


Insomniac, Feb 17 2012 Tuesday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

JottingsSnip20150218_1: I slept poorly for a second day.  No training yesterday because I was stiff, slept poorly and had a slight sore throat. I felt like I did everything right to set myself up for good sleep, by relaxing in the tub before bed. Wrong.

Since the Kortelopet is this Saturday, I training schedule was going to be wonky. Originally I was going to train Monday & Tuesday and take the rest of the week off. Now I need do decide if Tues., Wed. Then off. I guess I’ll be playing it by ear.

I watched Generation Iron last night. What can I say? I’ve been lifting since on and off since high school. Sometimes I stray, but I always seem to make my way back to a gym.

Today’s professional bodybuilders are freaks. That said, while I don’t like the physiques, I admire the single-mindedness that it takes to achieve them. A take-away that applies to me: In order to achieve at a high level requires, single-mindedness, motivation and drive but it also takes a little selfishness, self-doubt and fear.

Training/Practice: None

Sleep: from: 9:00 PM to: 6:00 AM crappy

* 6:30 AM Coffee
* 8:25 AM spinach frittata
* 9:30 AM tomato cabbage and meatballs
* 12:00 PM oven dried tomatoes, smoked salmon & brussels spouts
* 3:00 PM skinless chicken thigh
* 6:30 PM PM raw broccoli salad (w/sunflower seeds, dried cranberries red onion), couple pickled carrot slices with beef & nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate


Sub-optimal Feb 16 Monday

Today’s Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

Jottings: WTF? Woke up this morning with a stiff neck and slight sore throat. Also, I didn’t sleep soundly. This is not good because the Kortelopet is on Saturday, and I expect sleep quality to diminish as the event gets closer capping off with an epic night of unrest on Friday.

If I look back a couple days. I’ve been sleeping well but if I look back to Friday [Friday Doldrums] I see that my training was flat. This probably should have been a queue.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m thinking about changing up the blog into two posts rather than one. A daily jot to keep me writing something daily, and a separate training, sleep and food journal on a separate post. While the purpose of mydailyrun.com is to learn and develop new habits, this would probably make this more consumer friendly and in the end I’d like to produce a professional product. That said I should learn about uploading images.

Training/Practice: Sunday: Five, three minute rounds with 3 minute rest. 500 meter row, remainder of time weighted step up RX was 24 inch box 53 pound kettle bell in each hand. I had to drop the box to 20 inches and 44 pound kettle bells. Ended up getting 8 step ups each round.

Next was Cindy. This is 50,40,30,20,10 double unders/ab mat sit up. I set a new personal best 9:00 minutes flat. Yea, me. The extra work I’ve been doing on double unders is starting to pay off. I’m able to get between 20 & 40 most of the time. The ab mat sit-ups are great. Could perform better see yesterday post.

Sleep: from: 9:30 PM to: 6:45 AM. Didn’t sleep well.

Food: last meal yesterday 6:15 PM
* 7:00 AM coffee black
* 10:30 AM tomato cabbage w/venison & lamb meatballs
* 12:45 PM snacked on 4 carrots
* 1:50 PM raw broccoli salad (w/sunflower seeds, dried cranberries red onion)
* 4:45 PM slice spinach frittata, small piece of smoked salmon, roasted brussels sprouts & a little cabbage.
* 5:30 PM chicken thigh
* 6:00 PM nuts based trail mix w/dates & 100% chocolate

Weigh and Measure

Weigh and Measure Feb 15 2015, Sunday

Current Mantra: Today is the Day — Danielle Sidell

I’m changing the mantra link today. I came across this post after listening to an episode of the Wodcast Podcast. It’s short and concise. Sure, maybe it reads a bit like a Nike commercial, but it is a good reminder to live and breathe in the present.

I weighed in at 166.8 this morning. Big deal? It’s beginning to be. I need to make weight for reduced health insurance. My BMI needs to be below obese to qualify.

Rant! sorry

I agree there needs to be more personal accountability for one’s health. Insurance is loosely based on a rule that the majority of premiums collected pay for a small minority that need services. However, today the CDC reports that nearly 35% of Americans are obese. Obesity contributes to many preventable diseases that utilize a greater percentage of health care. Study after statistic after disease after study supports this.

So it appears that we are nearing a tipping point in which the shrinking majority can no longer support the rising minority. Bluntly speaking, our boat taking on water faster than we can bail.

So while not a perfect solution, why not give the carrot stick approach a try. If I go restaurant and order more food, I get to eat more, and I pay more. No one blinks an eye. I’ve simply paid for more resources. Some employers are now applying this approach to employees by charging less for populations that statistically utilized less. For most, it’s smoking and obesity aka lifestyle choices.

Finally, a reward for making better decisions. Stage left: Enter BMI.

BMI = weight in pounds * 703 / Height (inches) squared

Not perfect for sure, challenging for the muscular athletic types, but it’s a start. While I have not looked, I believe the current line companies are drawing in the sand is at obese not over-weight level. This certainly gives most humans plenty of wiggle room. Me included.

What about the super lean athlete walking around with 7% body-fat who’s BMI reads obese guy or gal? If this is you, you’ll probably have a couple extra hoops to jump through; they will surely suck, but there will be a great story to tell.

Remember, no line is perfect, but until we start drawing some, we won’t change.

Who knows, perhaps this will spur a blog post or a new cottage industry that help people ‘cut’ weight like fighters.

End Rant

For me, BMI is a perfectly good barometer. I keep an eye on it, but I don’t get hung up on the labels assigned to each category. Except for the red one, that is.

I typically vacillate somewhere in the middle of the overweight category. For BMI aficionados, that would be the 26 to 28 range. For me, when the BMI scale reads just slightly ‘under obese’, it’s usually time to start thinking about corking the pie hole. In fact just a couple months ago December 15 to be exact, I plumped up to 174.5 which by BMI standards is obese. At that weight, I’m strong and still capable of performing well, but admittedly, I begin to feel a little sluggish.

This morning: (166.8 * 703) / (64.5 * 64.5) = 28.2

Umm yea, that right 64.5. Hey, when you’re short every half an inch counts.

At my height, here are some other weight tables that I keep an eye on:
* Bodybuilding: bantam 143, light (154) welter (165)
* Weightlifting: 123, 151, 169

* Power Lifting: 145, 163, 183

I’ve completed an Ironman Triathlon at 154 and 163 pounds. Go figure my 154 pound time was 12:26 while the other was 13 hours.

Based on my height, my current weight and age I would guesstimate my competitive weights to be a 143, 151 and 163 respectively. Keep in mind, I don’t formally compete in these sports. Also, you’ll notice my current weight is greater than what I feel would be my optimal competition weight.

What does this say about my current situation? I could be lighter.

Training/Practice: Did the Saturday morning partner workout yesterday. It turned out to be rather challenging. 4 rounds of 50 swings at 53 lbs, 50 burpees, 50 wall balls. Every minute 5 air squats. My partner and I partitioned in tens, 5 for the burpees. I think it took us over 30 minutes so we did a fair amount of air squats too.

I followed up with some double under practice. I did 41 and 35 before sucking again. I will say that I’m getting much better at them

Sleep: from: 9:00 AM to: 7:15 AM another great night of sleep

* 7:30 AM Coffee Black.
* 9:20 AM raw broccoli salad
* 12:00 PM cauliflower dressed with garlic oil, peppers and toasted almonds & a skinless baked chicken thigh.
* 4:30 PM Fat Tire beer
* 5:30 PM Green salad with duck, blue cheese, fruit, pumpkin seeds avocado with a ginger vinaigrette
* 6:15 PM instant oatmeal cookie. Oats, brown sugar flour butter mixed up and nuked for a few minutes.

Feb 14 Saturday

Friday Doldrums

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings:Nothing really happened yesterday. I felt tired and lethargic for most of the day. I wonder if it was Thursday night’s dinner. I did have bread and sugar for the first time in a while.

Went out for a geriatric dinner last night too. When the wife and I go out to dinner very early, we call it a geriatric dinner. The great thing about this is you can always find a seat at the bar.

Speaking of the bar, we met up at a place called [Charlie’s] in the 3rd Ward and had a Guinness while waiting. After this, we tried a new restaurant, Lazy Susan where I split a Zombie Killer Cherry Cider.

We sat at the bar next to a family with two small children. Only in Wisconsin do you see kids bellied up to bar. The food at the Lazy Susan was quite lovely, and the Zombie Killer was nice.

Training/Practice: I drove out Lamphan for a ski. Felt flat only skied a mile and came home took a nap. Afternoon 2:30 went to the gym for deadlifts. After a lackluster warm up I worked up to 275 for 3 sets of 3. (135 x 5, 135 x 5, 185/5, 185/5, 225/5, 225/5 then 275 3 sets of triples)
Good mornings 4 sets of 10 with 75 and 85. After these I did a little shoulder stretching and called it a day.

Sleep: from: 9:00 PM to: 6:30 AM. Good deep sleep. I’m stringing a lot of good sleep together and digging it.

6:45 AM coffee black
11:00 AM spicy cauliflower chicken. An avocado, nibble of smoked salmon & banana
5:15 PM skirt steak, cauliflower dressed with garlic oil, peppers and toasted almonds.
6:15 PM dried dates and nuts

Feb 13 Friday

Short Interval

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: We went to dinner last night at Bavette with another couple. Located in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward, Bavette is a small artisan butcher that also serves food. I find the waiter a tad bit awkward, but the food is fresh, simply prepared and easy to share. Last night’s dinner was as relaxing affair where we all put our spoons in the same dish.

Training/Practice: Made it back the the morning row yesterday. It consisted of 10 rounds of 250 meter row on 2 minute intervals. This was short and intense. A Sprint interval training. Kind of like running 400’s around a track. I kept my row around 55 seconds. A little less in the beginning and a second or two more in the end, but I stayed pretty constant throughout

Today Fri 13: drove out Lamphan for a ski. Felt flat only skied a mile and came home. Going to take a nap.

Thought for Today

Sleep: from: 9:30 PM to: 6:30 AM


* 7:15 AM Coffee Black

* 9:00 AM 4 crock-pot ribs

* 9:45 AM banana

* 12:00 PM eggplant lamb, avocado smoked salmon & banana

* 4:30 PM Guinness

* 5:30 PM Dinner Lazy Susan Oysters, grilled romaine salad, rabbit taco, black bean hush puppies and a slice of choice cake. cherry mead

Feb 12 Thursday

Shoulder Niggle

Current Mantra: Be the hero of your own movie. —Joe Rogan

Jottings: Houston we have a problem. My left shoulder, posterior deltoid, hasn’t been working right for a while now. I experience pain when I do movements with the bar behind my head. This is interesting because I can do front shoulder work with the bar front shoulder press & jerks without discomfort. But I have some trouble with dips. Bottom line its probably time to start thinking about healing.

Training/Practice:Front squats 4×3 alternating with behind the neck push press also 4×3. Squat 95, 185, 225×2 (to heavy) back off 205, 205. Press 95,95,135,155. Because it was a push press I was able to get the weight through the pain point but dropping it on the way down was a problem.

Thought for Today Weary of winter.

Sleep: from: 8:30 PM to: 4:30 AM Good sleep.


* 4:45 AM coffee.
* 8:15 AM smoked salmon loc & avocado, eggplant lamb
* 10:20 AM banana
* 11:20 AM bowl of boiled brussels sprouts
* 12:30 PM few handfuls of almonds
* 3:45 PM 4 crock pot ribs (sweet barbeque sauce) & banana
* 5:35 PM Went out to dinner at Bavette with wife and a couple friends. Together we snacked on many things:
** Foie gras torchon with brioche & clementines
** rabbit rillette with pickled apricots & green olive
** elk sausage with apple cranberry chutney sauerkraut pancakes & horseradish
** Beef carpaccio with parmesan, capers & arugula,
** steak tartare with toast points
** Flourless chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream
** butterscotch pudding with caramel
** vanilla barley pudding with figs & hazelnuts
* 8:45 PM couple crocked pot ribs.